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Australian Music Events


Music, Events, Concerts, Performances

Project Description:

Having used the same website platform from day one, the team at Australia Music Events wanted to keep the same system but give the site a facelift. We redesigned the website to give it a whole new look and to do the brand justice in representing the beauty and experience of attending one of their events!

This website contains music audio previews to allow visitors to listen to CD tracks that are available for purchase and booking forms for various events. There is also choir signup registration form set up on the website too.

This is what the client had to say:

"Creative Cats (MWD) has been known to Australian Music Events for over ten years. During that time we have asked them to design and print flyers and marketing booklets for many of our events. We have been extremely pleased with the designs and layout they have come up with and have therefore used them on numerous occasions. 

We very much value our professional relationship with Creative Cats (MWD).  They are very prompt, understanding, level-headed, tolerant and manages to come up in the end with what is best for their clients. 

Their knowledge and expertise with websites and business functionality within the sites they create is most impressive and very user friendly.   

They recently completely redesigned our website that involves a number of different events with different interactive forms needed for in each. These now work very well indeed. 

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for new, refreshing and stimulating design ideas to further enhance their business."


Website, Booking forms, Registration forms, Subscriptions forms, Newsletter, Custom Design